Where Has Forensic Odontology Been Used?

     Forensic odontology has been used in the past for very high profile cases. One of the most notorious cases was the Ted Bundy case. Bundy may have gotten away with a few of the murders if he hadn't bit them. Because of that bitemark, Bundy was tried and charged with murder. The bite mark left on the victim was easily distinguishable. Once Bundy was apprehended, mold and impressions were taken from him and compared to those left on the victims. It was found that bundy had characteristics such as chipping on his teeth and also the alignment of his teeth were a characteristic. Because these characteristics were present in Bundy's teeth, a match was easily made and thus giving strong physical evidence that Bundy was indeed the murderer.
     Below are pictures showing Bundy's teeth, his wax mold, and the comparison that was made between his teeth and picture evidence.